How bad is the pumpkin spice latte for your teeth?

How bad is the health of your teeth with pumpkin spicy latte? In October, there are three things that come to your mind: Halloween, Autumn, and of course PSL (Pumpkin Spicy Latte)! Whether it's Starbucks, McDonald's, Duncan Donuts or even your office lounge, pumpkin spice and coffee aromas can be found everywhere. Is such a delicious thing not so bad?

PSL is a sweet mixture that blends the sweet, fragrant, and beautiful flavor of a pumpkin with everyone's favorite coffee in the morning to keep your heart full and your body warm every autumn. However, there are unhealthy potential effects that affect your teeth and gums. There are two reasons why the pumpkin spice latte is not so sweet, your teeth are healthy, what you can do, still enjoy your PSL while keeping your teeth healthy.

Hazard 1: Excess sugar

Pumpkin spicy latte is rich in various sugars that are harmful to teeth. When it comes to your teeth, you should always pay attention to your sugar intake, because sugar can easily promote oral problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

How does sugar cause tooth decay?

There are hundreds of bacteria in your mouth that are very good for your mouth. However, some harmful bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar and produce acid. When the sugar in the food or beverage comes into contact with harmful bacteria, it causes the bacteria to deposit to form an acid-releasing substance. These acids can erode the enamel coating on the teeth and can permanently damage the gums. Eventually, if the acid remains on the teeth, it can cause tooth decay, which, if left untreated, can form holes in the teeth and pass through the enamel, causing pain or eventually tooth loss.

Injury 2: Tooth is contaminated

You may have heard that coffee will stain your teeth, but no one has told you what to do. Unfortunately, over time, pumpkin spice latte and other coffee will stain your teeth, but this process can be avoided. Here's how coffee stains your teeth and how to stop this from happening.

How does coffee cause discoloration of teeth?

When a finger slides and touches on a tooth, the enamel appears to be a smooth layer on the surface of the tooth. However, in fact, there are a few tiny pits, holes and protrusions on your teeth. When food and beverages pass through your mouth, these holes trap tiny bacteria particles in food and beverages and store them until the bacteria are removed. If the food and drink are darker in color or only damage the teeth (such as coffee), the bacteria particles will remain in the enamel holes, making the teeth appear yellow.