The Top 5 Benefits of Dental Cleanings

    You should take time every day to clean your teeth. However, it is recommended that you get a deeper cleaning on an annual basis. This will help you keep your white teeth shining and looking great. But there are also health benefits that you will receive from deep cleanings too. We all have bacteria that can build up in our mouths and affect virtually any other part of our body with inflammation or infection. If you can reduce the level of bacteria in your mouth, your body will be at less risk of obtaining serious diseases, such as a stroke or heart disease.

    If you still need more reasons to get a deep cleaning by a dental hygienist, below are 5 more benefits that you will receive from it.

1) Cavity Prevention

    As time goes on, your teeth will have a filmy layer build up on the top of it. This layer is known as plaque. If this plaque is not regularly cleaned away, it will diminish the enamel of your teeth and cause tooth decay. Soon you will have cavities forming on your teeth too. You can get rid of plaque by flossing, brushing, and getting regular annual deep dental cleanings.

2) Prevents Losing Teeth

    If you have a lot of plaque piling up on your teeth, do not be surprised if you end up with gum disease. This is a much worse problem because gum disease can cause your adult teeth to fall out. The plaque builds up so much that it makes its way into your gums. From there, it will cause problems for your jaw bone. That is when the teeth start to get loose and eventually drop out of your gums. To prevent this from happening, get your dental cleanings on a regular basis.

3) Better Smile

    We are all born to have a beautiful white smile. Unfortunately, beverages like wine, coffee, and tea will diminish the whiteness and stain your teeth. Smoking will also have this effect on your teeth too. A deep dental cleaning is the only way to eliminate these stains and restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

4) Breath Freshener

    The foods you eat will have a tremendous impact on your breath. If you are someone who doesn’t keep up with their oral hygiene, your breath will keep getting worse. You can floss and brush to reduce your bad breath, but it will not totally eliminate the problem. You need to get deep dental cleanings to restore the fresh and natural scent of your mouth.

5) Good Investment

    Deep cleanings may cost a few hundred dollars, depending on your insurance coverage. Some better policies may give you one free cleaning per year. In either case, it is a small price to pay for maintaining the health of your mouth. Otherwise, if you end up with gum disease, decayed teeth, and/or missing teeth, you will be paying many thousands of dollars to get treatments for these.